Valley View Farm

Church Group Activities

We feel very blessed to provide a place where God can be worshiped. Valley View Farms offers an environment where your group can connect with God and nature, hold activities, and share special moments. Surrounded by history and serenity, your group will be able to learn, relax, and grow together in an unparalleled setting.

Youth at Valley View Farms

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Youth Groups | Bible Studies | Mission Trip Preparations | Church Picnics | and more!

Churches, youth groups, missionary groups, and other religious organizations have partnered with Valley View Farm for a variety of purposes. Bible studies (which can be coordinated with related farm activities), mission trip planning and preparations, and picnics are just a few of the ways that our location can be an extension of your church.

English Gardens serves as a great Church Group gathering space at Valley View Farms

2019 © Amanda Maria Photography

Church Group Activities Venue

Our English Gardens serves as a great gathering space, and holds up to 125 people.

Our Simpers Retreat House beds up to 14 guests for retreats and mission preparations.

Less than an hour from Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties, we'd love to partner with your church to do God's work. To learn more about the opportunities and possibilities, give us a call at 540-592-3730.